Welcome to Burpelson Air Force Base. In the United States Air Force, Strategic Air Command, we like to say that, "To err is human, to forgive devine.... neither of which is current SAC policy." And never forget that Peace is our Profession.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit to all things Cold War and Doctor Strangelove. It is also hoped that you will, "Learn to stop worrying, and love The Bomb." Please bear in mind that you have neither the training nor the inclination for strategic thought, but after spending time at Burpelson AFB you may well increase both. Welcome.
- General Jack D. Ripper, Commanding

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View Cold War artifact, nuke storage bunker

View Cold War artifact, the stratofortress Midnight Express - I have a lot more photographs of this aircraft. Anyone who is interested should email me.

View X-ray Delta One - This is a massive collection of great cultural images from the Cold War. (James Vaughan)

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